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Frequently asked questions

How much does this cost?

All of our sites have an initial development price and then a monthly charge thereafter to host and manage the webpage. The initial cost for the site is $ 499 to build the site, add any wording, images, and logos you wish to have included. As well as your events calendar, media and press items, platform page, and any other items requested on your sign-up form. Our monthly plans come in 3 Tiers. Our Basic package is $ 39 per month. Our Gold package is $ 49 per month. And our PREMIUM package is $59 per month. You may opt out of a monthly plan simply by requesting and we will transfer the site to you directly. We will not be liable for the site after it has been transfered, but welcome you back any time!

What is the Basic Campaign package?

Our Basic package includes: Free Domain URL Website and Hosting Online Donations Mobile Friendly Weekly Additions

What is the Gold Campaign package?

Our Gold package includes: Free Domain URL Website and Hosting Online Donations Mobile Friendly Daily Additions Datal Collection Access to TextBlasting

What is the PREMIUM Campaign package?

Our PREMIUM package includes: Free Domain URL Website and Hosting Online Donations Mobile Friendly Unlimited Additions Datal Collection TextBlasting $100 credit Access to TextBlasting Dedicated line to call for assistant

What comes with each website?

Each website created starts with: Home Page with Donation Links, Volunteer Sign Up, and Live Social Media Candidate page Platform pages Donation page Volunteer signup page with online form Photo Gallery page Media and Press page with Active Candidate BlogEndorsements page Events and Schedule Voter Registration Info (district specific)

What candidates do you work with?

Although we do not disclose our specific candidates, we can tell you that we work with candidates running for the following offices: - District Judge - City Council - Board of Education - Mayor - State Assembly - State Senate - US Representative - US Senate - Gubenatorial and more.

Is there a contract involved?

Nope! We run a month-to-month service. You may cancel at any time.

Is the data collected mine to use?

Yes! All data collected will be sent to you regularly to ensure you stay engaged with your supporters. Based on the package you decide on, you will receive detailed reports and exported excel sheets daily or weekly.

Do you supply email accounts associated with my URL?

We can do that! Each email costs an additional $4.99 per month as an add-on. But we will include one free email for those with the PREMIUM package.

I have a domain already. Can you use that for my site?

Yes we can! We will help transfer over your currend domain to host your custom website made by PoliWeb.

Can I start right now?

Please do! Click the buttom below to fill out your form now and we will send an invoice to begin the website! As soon as payment is secure, we will have your initial website rendering within 24hrs!

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